Maja Milocanovich is from Croatia, an island that supplies her with a daily doses of inspiration for her art. But she not only loves her paintings and writings, she has a great sense for fashion.
Running her social media outlets helps her with some new collaborations and sales, but it is not her main objective. Even though it is unusual for someone with such a huge following on Instagram, she feels better out of this 21st Century trap.

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Amanda, aka “Amanda Round the Globe“, felt that her everyday routine was not enough to fulfill all her desires and that is why this girl from Northern California (USA) decided to quit her 9 to 5 job, left her country and start living out of a backpack. Finding a more meaningful life.

She has a BA in Human Development (which consists of a blend of psychology, sociology, and anthropology) and she certainly knows that being in an office is not what she wants to do in her life. She has just celebrated her one year on Youtube but that does not mean that her following is little!

Being On-The-Go has not stopped Amanda from fulfilling her need to tell the world her message, that is why she keeps her website and has written an e-book about “How To Travel The World”.

Amanda Around the Globe

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Kaylee Kapital is not your average youtuber. Her channel is a personal scape to all her thoughts, ideas and points of view without a filter, which is the best thing you can find online. She has been in the Youtube community (consistently) for about three years, and her videos are like watching your best girl friend, or bigger sister, giving advice to you.

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Vegan Anna aka Anna Reid

Vegan Anna aka Anna Reid decided to go Vegan, and starting a more Minimalist lifestyle, in order to add more value to her life.

With a full mindset of living a more meaningful live, Anna Reid switched to an online-school program and started working at a part-time job, at the same time that rolls a personal blog, keeps and Instagram account and does Youtube, where she shares every topic she is passionate about.

Vegan Anna Anna Reid

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Margot Lee is one of those self-made-women who are going to be the next big-thing on the Youtube community (as well as in the Fashion Industry). Learned from a young age that if you want something, material or a goal, you have to work hard for it.

Her wisdom and good-vibes of joy are all around her Youtube channel, Snapchat and Instagram feed. Check this golden youth who is totally the girl-next-door!

Margot Lee

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Luna_Dollx AKA Jennifer

Jennifer moved from Boston to New York for College and stayed in the city because there are a lot of bigger and better opportunities to work. What preached Frank Sinatra on “New York, New York” turned true to her, ‘if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere’.

Her Youtube channel, and her Instagram and Snapchat feeds are the aesthetic of a true “Tumblr girl”. Her minimalist-chic style and her optimistic good vibes all around, turn her into the excellent girl-next-door we are all in need of.


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